How much do you value your time?

By Jaluum Herberts luwizza ..

Time is the only thing in this world that's fixed and if lost can't be replaced. When you lose a phone, you go buy another, when you lose a relationship, you go start another one or even when you lose a liver you can always have it replaced but when you lose time that's it.

From the day we are born our lives are set on a timer. We all have a fixed amount of time here on earth only that we don't know how much time it is. The sure thing though is with every minute, hour, day, month or year we move closer to the end if our time. It's very funny though that most of us live like we have forever in this life always forgetting that the clock is ticking like a time bomb ready to go off when the count reaches zero.

One thing that I have realized in life is that the people who realize that they have limited time on earth or that they won't live forever live their life with some sort of urgency and purpose that spurs their success. It's like as if they are running out of time to live a mark here on earth which by the end is the reality for all of us. Take Steve jobs for example, a lot of his innovations came as a result of knowledge that he didn't have a lot of time left in life due to his cancer. To a very huge extent this was one of the reasons for his aggressiveness, his desire to make an impact and do all the things he wanted to in life before he succumbed to the cancer that's why we saw all these innovations at Apple that kept coming one after another from the iPod, to the iPhone to the iPad and everything great that happened at Apple thereafter. No wonder in his famous speech he said "in the face of death we realize we are naked hence no need to live our lives with fear". The desire to live is man's biggest desire and if you doubt it just hold your nose for 10 minutes and see what happens. Something inside will tell you f**k it I want to live so when we are faced with death there's nothing else to fear.

With no eminent risk of death most people take the back seat. They live like tomorrow is guaranteed and that’s the reasons why people are always surprised when someone loses life yet death isn't a new visitor but one we have always known will come at anytime.

So if death is our final destiny why do most of us live like we are immortal!? Why do we keep living like our time here on earth is infinite!? Why don't most of us value the fact that our time here is limited hence the need to value every single second.

The day we are faced with death is the day we all start to wish we had just one more day to do what we have always wanted to do but kept postponing all along. Just one more hour to see the people we have always been postponing to see. Just a few more minutes to make that phone call we have always been lazy to make for months.

In the face of death is when we start to value the every single minute of our time left yet we lived with no real purpose all those years. Kept saying I will do it tomorrow, I will call next week, I will start when the time is right or I will marry when am old enough. We keep saying we should live our lives like we are going to die tomorrow but unfortunately most of us don't take it seriously.

So start valuing your time because you have it in limitation.

Jaluum Herberts luwizza* is a writer, Speaker and Business consultant with YOUNG TREP

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