Do you really lack the time or is it the lack of passion?

By Jimmy Muhinda ..

Do you really lack the time or is it the lack of passion to do something others do with much ease?

People will always get the time to do what they are passionate about. They only lack the time when they cannot define the benefit they get from doing something. Some people believe that those who consistently post on social media lack anything else to do and are idle. They cannot imagine where they get time to post daily.

I went to someone's office last week and he asked me what I do. This is someone who has known me for quite a long time and he knows what I do. I laughed at the question and asked if he really didn't know what I do. His explanation was that I am always on social media and he wonders how I get time to do other things with my daily social media activities.

My explanation that it takes me a few minutes to prepare and share my posts seemed unconvincing to him. He told me he cannot get that time to share because he is always busy. God created us in such a way that we are able to multitask. It is up to us to decide to do one or several things. What I am sure of is that whatever we have passion for we shall include it in our priorities and find time to do it.

As we grow we continue to develop passions we never paid attention to previously.  We are also able to find easier ways of implementing what we are passionate about. Align your passions to what can be turned into an extra stream of income. As we relate with others, let us seek ways of turning our relationships into money minting ventures.

Have and develop something of value that you can exchange for money at any time. PASSION determines how far we can go in doing whatever comes to our minds.

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