How much value do you attach to what you’re doing!?

By Jaluum Herberts Luwizza. Twitter_@jaluwizza Tel:0787555919 ..

I remember a few years ago when I was starting my business I went to discuss my start up plan with my mentor/advisor. I had started all my previous ventures with no real plan. We lived by the day and made decisions as they came along until we hit an unanticipated hard wall from which we never recovered. With all those failed attempts I decided to talk to someone I could trust and the only thing I remember was being asked how much I valued what I was doing. I answered in affirmative, I do. Actually a lot .Then start acting like you do he said. If you go into something without a solid plan that doesn't show you value it. Planning is the first sign of value.

So this time I was starting with a plan we were discussing. As we went through my start up budget he kept asking me the same question. You’re going to design a logo for 30k!? How much do you value what you’re doing!?Jeez I felt inside, am I supposed to spend over the top just to prove I value this I asked myself. He told me no professional is going to work for that amount but if you find them and convince them to do so then its fine you will have gotten more value.

I have seen many people start businesses and want to hire people to work in them while they seat at home remote in their hand flipping channels. Why start a business if you want to hire someone else to seat there if you have the time and ability to do so yourself!? Is it to feel you’re actually the boss!? Do you value what you’re trying to get into!?It still beats my understanding that someone is going to go out and try to invest as much as 80m and not try to get professional investment help. Do you really value your money or what you’re getting into?

When I started out I was faced with the biggest challenge of our start up. Do we charge consultancy or we make it *FREE* and charge people for doing the work. Then asked myself, will people value the advice we gave them!?We tried it out as a four months experiment (two month free two months paid for) giving free consultancy and out of about 50 people we talked to only about 4 actually acted upon our advice. Then we made it a paid for service and much as we didn't get as many people about 20, 16 of them acted upon our advice and recommendations. That's when I realized that every time people fork out a fee for something they attach value to it and take it seriously. How much they pay is how much value they attach to it. I also realized that by the time people spend money on something they really value it and think it's worth paying whatever price it is they are willing to pay for it.

How much you spend on something is how much value you attach to it. So before you seat down and make money decisions like investment ask yourself how much you value your money or what you’re putting it into. If it's not something you value then don't spend on it your money or time. Don't just say you value it, act in a way that shows you really do.

Jaluum Herbert Luwizza is a writer, Speaker and Business Consultant with YOUNG TREP. 

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