Best Advise For Career Starters.

A story By Jimmy Muhinda ..

When starting out, what should come first? Should it be salary or experience?

This is a catch 22 situation that most people who want to start work find themselves in and find a hard time deciding what to do. Although we wish to have adequate pay, it is unfortunate that employers are only willing to pay as little as they value your importance in their company/organization/enterprise.

When starting out, focus of anyone should be on gaining experience in the targeted line of work. An experienced employee is such a valuable asset to a company/Organization/enterprise that they will always be willing to pay highly to keep that asset.

I remember starting work at a salary of 30,000/= as a fish farm manager over a decade ago and wondering how I would survive. I started by staying with friends of mine to be able to minimize my cost of living.

I had to talk it over with my family and we discussed the terms of employment I was being offered. Because I was promised a raise every two months and was told in six months I would start earning 700,000/=, it was worth the wait as I gained the much needed experience. For a starter the 300,000/= at that time was a lot and very few in our sector earned that much.

I didn't suffer a lot because I had the support of my family that kept me focused.

The first year is always the hardest in the employment world because one finally starts tasting the freedom always craved for. People must be told that freedom comes with responsibilities and responsibilities require money to fulfill them.

Because one is "free at last", most people will literally "blow" their first salary in celebratory mood because at last they have their own money.

As you join the employed class, ensure you have a strong support group to learn from and lean on as well.

Patience and willingness to learn will turn you into a valuable asset. Volunteer to do any pending work because this affords you a chance to learn several skills and no employer ignores employees who stand out by doing more than they were hired to do.

As you learn more skills, so does your value increase and your employer will want to keep you around.


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