Should I Save Or Invest?

By Jaluum Herberts Luwizza. Twitter_@jaluwizza Tel:+256-787555919 ..

A man who keeps his money due to the fear of losing it if he invested it is akin to the farmer who keeps his last basin of bean seeds with the fear that if he planted it the weather could be bad and they lose it. Both men will slowly consume whatever they have till they have nothing left to try and generate more.

Investing is like believing in God. We surely all don't know if He is there or not but believing he is, is better than not believing he is there. If you die and God is there then you’re safe and if you die and he isn't there you will have nothing to lose you will be dead any way. The problem comes if you die when you didn’t believe he was there and it so happens that he is actually there. You will have everything to lose. Are we together!!?

Same applies with investing. If you have 3m on your account and fear to invest it to try and multiply it you will spend it on your costs of life like feeding, housing, health care, movement, and communication. When the money is done, of course what you spend doesn't come back the costs of living will still be around. If you lose the money which you will do anyway (I mean you will use it because you won't go hungry, walk around naked or sleep on the streets in the name of saving) then it will be unfortunate but imagine what if you were actually going to make money!? What will you have lost!? You will be like the guy who refused to believe God is there and died to only find he is actually there. Now tell me which position you would rather be in putting fear aside.

Now that's one thing I want you to give thought to. Most times we always think from the position of trying to protect what we already have, it feels logical but if you seat and think about it not just from the position in which you are now but the position in which you may be after this if you took or didn't take decision/action then trust me the tables would turn greatly in regards to what course of action you should be taking. Keeping hold of what we have isn't the solution but trying to use it to produce for tomorrow to guarantee sustainability is the solution because no matter what you do today tomorrow will come and you will have to face it too. Trying to hold onto what you have today in the fear of losing it will put you into the same position tomorrow. All you’re doing is postponing the inevitable.

We have to risk today to guarantee tomorrow because tomorrow will come surely and we shall have to deal with it whether we hate it or love it for as long as we still have life.

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