The untold truth about your first job! Herberts’s Story

By Jaluum Herberts Luwizza. Twitter_@jaluwizza Tel:0787555919 ..

When I got my first job I was literally over the moon. Here I was, with this very elusive thing called a job momentarily feeling like I had finally made it in life. Right after I had gotten my appointment letter, I started imaging how life was going to change. Oh yes, I was going finish up the incomplete house my dad had left behind for my mum and her three kids, I was going to spoil my mum, educate my siblings, build myself a big house, buy a big car and marry a self a beautiful woman with a big behind sorry big brain I meant hehehe to complement my big dreams.

Shortly thereafter though, reality kicked in. I had to buy me some good clothes to fit the corporate life. So I decided to borrow some money from a friend to buy me some clothes. Yes, I hadn't started earning money but was already spending money which meant I started my job in the negatives financially. Then I realized I couldn't actually commute from Mutungo to Entebbe every month so I had to move but with no money I would have to contend with commuting for a month or two I told myself.

Then reality hit me in the face like a cold wind, I needed transport for the first days as my salary would come at the end of the month. So I borrowed more, taking my credit bill further into the negatives before I could even earn a penny. Now I was about 600k in debt with the promise of a pay day at the end of the month vualaah! When the month ended I got paid but the money vanished in thin air, clearing some of my debts with a mindful thought of the next 30 days or so a head before my next pay check. I couldn't even buy my mama a dress, all the money had vanished. That’s’ when I started getting a clear picture of what I had gotten into. I earned the bare minimum to see me scrap through and do what I was expected to do, make the company more money.

Then I had to move two months later, the distance was taking a toll on me and hampering my productivity a thing that threatened my job. I gathered the courage to talk to my employers and thanks to the heavens I got an advance to shift. I was give just enough to pay four months rent and buy a mattress so I moved but was plunged further into debt and the vicious cycle went on and on and on.

This is when I realized I wasn't going to achieve my dreams with one meager source of income and no time to chase my own dreams. I was literally trading my time for a few pennies while making the dreams of another man come true. Is this what I really wanted!? Living a mediocre life has never been an option to me and with this thing called a job I was going to fail to achieve even a mediocre life so I made the bold decision to walk out of the door and go for my own pot of gold. Get rich or die trying I said to myself.

If there's anything I have come to learn, it’s no one ever got rich getting paid a salary. No one, you can check the Forbes list. No salaried person makes it on the list; there are business and sports people with the ability to comfortably negotiate their own pay on their own terms.

A research some time back showed that people who worked for a salary were the second poorest people after beggars. They lived in a vicious cycle of poverty managed in a 30 day period. Any delays in payment of their salary brought about tremendous anxiety and pressure. Like my mentor loved to say, when your poor and you get a job you have taken a pain killer not treatment to cure the disease but a pain killer to reduce on the pain that comes as a symptom of the disease.

Again here am not bashing the employed. Am just opening up people's eyes to the reality, a reality most people have come to learn the harsh way. A job will give you the foundation but you must have a post employment plan and the earlier the better. You could leave it early or late but surely you will have to leave it someday. I see a lot of people struggling after retirement, gambling their life savings in businesses they don't understand and dying miserably after blowing their money. I have an uncle who run mad after blowing his money in a business venture he was convinced into by a friend.

So as you work think about you post employment time. Start engaging in business if it's what you envision yourself doing after retirement so that by then you will have accumulated valuable business experience to enable you succeed at it.

One thing for sure though a job will not save you from poverty but give momentarily relief and if you don't have savings equivalent to your 4 months salary then things are not good for you.

Jaluum Herberts luwizza is a writer, Speaker and Business consultant with YOUNG TREP .

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