How should we nurture a work-life balance?


Can't a career be pursued without neglecting the family? Some of us spend most of our adult lives pursuing different careers and "forget'' that families miss our reason for being part of them.

There are two extremes, none of which is worth being proud of: Being a workaholic that family is relegated down the ladder of priorities and ceaselessly having fun at the expense of your family which lacks necessities.

Although we do all it takes to pursue careers of our dreams and/or start families to be proud of, we have generally failed to harmonize the two. For most, it is either one or the other because they claim it is too much work. God never gives us challenges we cannot handle.

Most people have never even realized that it is possible to multi-task without as much as a farce. We are capable of doing several tasks successfully if only we could prioritize and focus.

A career is meant to help you support your family and vice versa. A career that creates more misunderstandings in the family is useless because they will never feel appreciated. A family that does not appreciate your career will always be another stress to you who is pursuing it.

Although a career helps one provide the family necessities, we should never fail to interact with the people we struggle so much to please by working extra hard. Our needs keep changing according to what is lacking in our lives. That is why we will complain when we lack basic necessities and when these are provided, we feel hollow for lack of other needs.

Some ladies say they can never marry a poor guy because that would be sentencing themselves to life imprisonment with perpetual suffering yet some who have married into rich families will be complaining of loneliness because they never see the men as they need to.

I am sometimes persuaded to believe that money is the root cause of all evil. Its lack or availability results into people talking in tongues or behaving like Superman. Several spouses "report" to bars and other "happening" joints after work and will only return home beyond midnight on a daily basis.  Ask any familiar waiter/waitress and those attendants in other places of merry making and they will point such customers to you.

Spare time to connect with your family because these are the ones you will turn to when things are on the downward trail.

Quality time is very important because what your presence makes them feel can never be underestimated. Get to find out what they are going through and how you can be a better spouse, parent, sibling or relative.

We must realize that money does not solve every challenge and so relying on it solely is like hiding your head in the sand. Develop and maintain synergies between the two so that a symbiotic relationship is promoted.

A successful career person is determined by the happy family he/she surrounds him/herself with. If you are successful in one, you surely can be successful in the other.

It is time to focus more on the area that is not as developed as the other and make it successful too. 

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