How I Started My Business, You Too Can Do It!

By Jaluum Herberts Luwizza. Twitter_@jaluwizza Tel:+256-787555919 ..

When I started out on my business path, life wasn't easy. It's no at least what I expected I must admit. So what did I expect you should be asking yourself. Yeah I was going to be my own boss, I was going to work when I want, I was going to work fewer hours or so I thought.

Just like you have to leave home, get your own place to know a new house doesn't come with a bed, utensils or chairs, I learned the hard way that a new business doesn't come with ready clients, staff and structures. Unless you have bought an already existent, successfully running business, you will have to create a service or product.You will have to find a market to sell this service or product to while building a client base gradually over time and you will most importantly have to put up a team to work with and a system in which they will work.

There is so much to building a business than meets the ordinary eye. When you are employed you will look at how things work at your current job and say to yourself this is pretty easy because you see clients walk in and out in numbers and also see the money come in with consistency. My brother my sister, it’s not as easy as you imagine but the good news is it's not impossible.

With the right planning, attitude, product/service and team it’s possible. The beauty of doing business in our times is that a lot has been made easy by technology and automation. You no longer necessarily have to set up a factory, hire thousands of workers and tie your operations to a central location to be able to run a successful business.

You will need a small passionate but efficient team to work with, because in the early days of start up all you will need to take you through will be passion. I remember the number of emails I had to send, cold calls I had to make, facebook posts I had to make before I could even get our first sales. The number of people I talked to at every function I attended,every taxi neighbor I gave a flyer or card, functions I mc-ed for free just to have an audience to speak to then we made our first sale, some one asked us to register their business.

We made our first sale after five months and we were so excited like a bunch of oil extractors that had just seen that first gush of oil erupt out from beneath the earth. I remember personally writing a hand written thank you note which we gave the client when we delivered their company papers. After that we never looked back intensifying our efforts then it was the next business formation,next writing gig, next website to develope, marketing drive to do, marketing training to do. The jobs just kept coming. Whatever we were doing had worked, we just had to do more of it to get more people walking in, ringing the phone, sending inquiry mails, asking for quotes, and closing actual sales.  

I know you have heard many stories about how successful some business adventures have turned out but trust me it was real hard work and most importantly persistence. If your think having a job is so hard then running a business is a lot much more harder. You are never your own boss like most think and reply mails at 3am, the person who pays you is and that happens to be the client.

The only luxury you have though is you get to choose your bosses and can have as many as you can get a thing that gives you room to be selective and enjoy some autonomy because your not tied down to one boss. Business has the potential to make one a lot of money, actually rich and it gives you the opportunity to determine how you work, with whom you work and your pay.

That's how we started out and now four years down the road I can say we have come a long way and continue to grow with not even the sky as our limit. And if we built from scratch, you too can do it. You just have to be up for it. Show up, understand what your doing and give it your best.

Jaluum Herberts luwizza is a writer, Speaker and Business consultant with YOUNG TREP 

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