Don’t find New Markets for your Products; Find new Products for the Market.

By Jaluum Herberts Luwizza. Twitter_@jaluwizza Tel:+256-787555919 ..

Last month as I was speaking at an event, a lady in the audience asked me during the Q&A sessions, "Mr. Jaluum, you said something about not trying to create a new market but creating new things for the available market instead. Personally I love creating new things in totally new areas so then are you suggesting I should quit doing that yet it's what I want to do!?

I took a deep breath, one that I usually take when I have to speak truth to someone. We have the picture of an ideal world in our minds that entails how we want to live,how we see things, and what we want to do with life. In the ideal world there is sincerity, there is fairness,the playing ground is leveled and anything is possible. Unfortunately that ideal world only exists in our heads. In the real world, life is not a smooth sail, life isn't fair, some people hold an advantage over others thanks to their political, economical, social and religious ties and background.

In the real world we don't live forever so every thing we do must be done within the time frame of the life at our disposal. So to answer this lady's question I would say in the ideal world it's ok to go hunting for undiscovered treasures but in real life your better off making treasure of what you have at your disposal.

I don't believe in the notion of coming up with things no one has ever done before. Yes, it great stuff but in the 21st century you were born a few centuries late. It's so had to come up with a totally new idea because our fore fathers discovered and invented everything that they left nothing for us to discover and invent just for the bragging rights that come with it.

Yes, the Fords, Edisons, Wright brothers, Einsteins of those days discovered it all and all that we can do is polish their ideas, inventions and discoveries to meet the demands and circumstances of the changing times.

 Quit trying to look for ideas that have not been discovered because it's almost impossible to come up with one. The fact that human behaviour dictates that we are more receptive to what we have experienced before or seen others experience makes it even harder to sell totally new strange ideas to the masses. You would actually grow gray hair before you manage to make/create and sell any of the strange products to the market.

All the great ideas we have around aren't actually new per say. Facebook isn't, google isn't, uber isn't, Alibaba isn't, the iphone isn't.They are all improvements of old ideas to meet the demands of the times. That's what makes modern day great ideas.

So stop looking for new ideas and concentrate on looking for ideas you can improve or add value to and sell at a fairly higher profit margin.

Jaluum Herberts luwizza is a writer, Speaker and Business consultant with YOUNG TREP

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