How are you marketing your products and services?

By Jimmy Muhinda ..

The current situation is not conducive for most business people because the money in circulation seems to be close to none at all.


Although necessities are a must have, money to acquire them is scarce. Because it is scarce, determining the priorities is another task that demands making hard decisions.

However much you try to sell a product and convince someone about its value in their lives, the prospect will always listen with only one ear because deep down he/she knows his/her financial status is worrying. This situation requires doing the things in an extraordinary way if one has to convince people to part with their money.

People have designed unique ways of closing sales. You too must think really hard about how to get money from customers out there.

Take an example of this brilliant youth who got fifty thousand shillings from two clients of mine in just less than five minutes. We were having a chit chat when he came marketing toothpaste and convincing us that whoever bought it was assured of a prize ranging from money (30,000/= to 120,000/=), double bedsheets, big towels, radios etc. He went on to promise that whoever bought toothpaste and didn't find a prize inside the packet, his/her money would be returned, he/she would keep the toothpaste and would also get a free tee shirt.

They first taunted him about wanting to con them of their money but when he dared them to disprove his assertions, one person gave him the twenty five thousand shillings. Upon opening the toothpaste packet,the prize was a pair of double bedsheets. He was given the bedsheets there and then.

Seeing the bed sheets enticed the remaining person to pull out money to try his luck.His target was getting the one hundred twenty thousand shillings in prize but the paper inside the toothpaste packet also read double bedsheets.

I realized then that probably they were not selling toothpaste per se but rather the several products they dangled as prizes.Their bosses must have sat down and made their calculations well and thereafter decided to unleash these marketeers into the gullible population.


1.     Some people need extras to be convinced to buy anything.

2.     Impulse buyers are always within reach if only you are able to develop a convincing sales pitch.

3.     Several people still need someone to make decisions for them on what to purchase. Take your chance with them.

4.     Get away from the traditional way of selling products. Make it a worthwhile and enjoyable experience.

5.     Tell the customer what value you can add to them and let them see you prove it. 

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