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Someone once told me there is a thin line between success and failure, dreaming and reality. Successful people in life have over time learned the art and timing of letting go. All the successful people know when its time to say enough is enough and face the fact that its never going to work and try something else.

As a business consultant and owner myself I have been asked on various occasions, especially on my speaking gigs when does one especially in business call it quits. When do they accept its time to draw the curtains on the venture!? It’s time to hang up their gloves and move on to the next!?

I know very many times we have been told success is a result of persistence (which I agree with) and we have wholly accepted this without asking whats the limit of this persistence. At what point does one say i have persisted enough and should may be move onto persisting on the next thing. Like I said earlier, the one thing that makes the successful successful is their ability to tell when to give up trying to squeeze water out of a rock and turn their efforts and energies to something else more likely to work out.

My first venture was the hardest to close/let go. It was like loosing your first and only child. I had so much attachment to it like all start up entrepreneurs have for their first business and had literally sacrificed everything to bring it to life. Letting it go was like ripping off apart of my self but then with each passing day the reality became more and more inevitable.

I was laterally running a business in coma, on life support and the pain was becoming too unbearable for both me and her. I still recall the day I woke up and made the tough decision to get her off life support and let her rest in peace. A few people were happy for both the wrong and right reasons. Some were happy I had failed or at least admitted to failure at least and those who cared about me were happy i had let go something that was dragging me to its death with it.

It was sapping even the last ounces of energy I had left in me. I recall a friend telling me sarcastically, the business has finally failed. I smiled at them and said the business didn't fail,it taught me a lot and in that it had done its job well, so it had accomplished its mission as a teacher and learning experience. The lessons i learned from that business helped me start my next one as a better entrepreneur because it turned a person who had failed and learned his lessons into a much stronger and wiser entrepreneur.

I also learned how to tell when to let go. I know a lot of business owners that have refused to let go even when they surely should,even when all the signs point to that sad fact. I think its because they don't know how to tell when enough is enough or are so attached to accept it time to let go.

Personally if I can no longer learn anything new, my passion for what am doing has dropped so dramatically, its not going as I wanted and its coming in the way of something better that's working then I know its time to say that painful goodbye and I think that's what every one should look out for.

If you reach that point where there's nothing new that you can add that can change the fortunes of the business, it has drained all your energy and your passion is well spent. If you haven't achieved even a tenth of what you had set out to achieve with the business in five years or if its been around long and has started getting in the way of other more interesting and productive things, then my brother my sister it may just be the right time to let her go.

We don't live for ever so don't spend your whole life trying to make something that doesn't show signs of working out. If the business doesn't show signs of working, then know when to let her go and start your next venture with the lessons picked from the previous one.

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