12 Life Quotes That Will Change Your Life

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There is a saying that when you fail to plan, you plan to fail. In other words, if you want to succeed, if you plan to succeed, then you need to PLAN.

Often time, we get easily discouraged and side tracked from our goals by events happening around us and then we abandon what we are doing. This is a common cause of depression amongst youths today.

Feeling overwhelmed by circumstances surrounding us. Letting our emotions overwhelm us. Negative peer pressure/influence all do harm instead of good in our life pursuits.

This is why what you feed your mind on a daily basis is of paramount importance if you want to succeed in life. What you feed your mind today, becomes "You" tomorrow. What you will be in future stems from what you do EVERYDAY of your life. So feeding your mind positively, fuels your purpose. Feeding your mind positively, positions you positively to accomplishing your goals.

Today, on success stories Africa, we thought we'd put together 12 life quotes to remind yourself on a daily basis that you are created to be dynamic and succeed. To motivate you towards achieving the goals that you continually set, to live better, personally and otherwise!


Waking up each morning with positivity is important. Wake up every morning believing that there are not just opportunities out there but that you would grab and work with them!



To succeed in life, you need "I CAN" Mentality. No one achieved anything being a defeatist! Think I CAN do this when faced with challenges and hurdles and the battle is already won!


Your tomorrow hinges on what you do today? Now, you have to be careful about what you do today. You know the saying, you reap what you sow. You can't sow destruction and hope to reap something good. Every day, do something positive that moves you closer to achieving your dreams, that way, your future will be bright and secured!


Be someone who learns a new thing every single day. It could be a new word, a new craft, a new skill. Learn something. Read books. You want to be a pilot, read books on aviation, you want to be a blogger, read about blogging. You want to know something just for the fun of it? You never can know when what you've learnt, will become handy. Never stop learning because the day you do is the day you start dying!


We are always hell bent on "old ways" when there are new and better ways to do things. Put away those bad ways and habits that have been stumbling blocks on your journey. They will not open new doors for you. If you keep getting wrong results for something, check the ways and methods you are using. I bet you, you will discover that you have been using same "ways and methods" that have refused to yield positive and good results. Why not change those ways and see how things will become different and positive?


Winners don't quit! Ever! You were born to succeed, so you are a winner. But to succeed, you have to remember one life rule. Never quit! No! Never! Ever! Quit! Don't let those hurdles and challenges make you throw in the towel! keep moving. Crawl, walk or claw. Don't stay in one place! Never quit. Always!


Now imagine the sea fraught with storms and icebergs and those churning waves and imagine a ship on it. Now those storms/icebergs/churning waves are hurdles a ship have to go/pass through to arrive at its destination. The captain/owner of a ship can decide to just leave it at the shore but that is not what a ship is designed for! Liken it to us humans. We are not created to be stagnant. We are dynamic beings. You can decide to stay at home on the couch watching every sitcom and situp or whatever they call them while your peers are out there grinding and hustling towards a better tomorrow. Don't simply be a number in your family or community. Add value to yourself be being "someone" society has to reckon with. Positively of course! Do not be a ship used to adorn a shore, ride the storm to your destination!


Oh yes, we all know that life is tough but darling, so are you! You will never know your strength, you will never know how tough you are if you continually quit when faced with challenges. When life gets tough, tough it out!


Anytime you are having a bad day, don't let it daunt you. Do not let it forget about all the positive things happening and going on in your life! A bad day does not translate to a bad life. Chin up!


We often berate ourselves to the extent of making more mistakes whenever we make mistakes. We forget that mistakes are also avenues for learning. We are humans. Imperfectly perfect. It means we are not perfect. So you made some mistakes? Tomorrow is a brand new day and opportunity to correct and learn more. Do not be angry at yourself when you makes mistakes. Learn from them. You are human!


When you set out a goal, be patient. Work and walk diligently towards your goals and dreams. Do not be in too much of a hurry that you miss a "step" and then have to start all over. Patience is key.


The role of positivity in life cannot be overemphasized. End every day on a positive note even if things were difficult. That way, you wake up positive every day looking forward to great things. You are one step closer to your dreams!

We hope you are inspired by these life quotes by Jennifer, Director Success Stories Africa-Nigeria. Jennifer is a blogger who is and hopes to inspire people from every walk of life.

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