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A motivational quote about not trying. .....

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Moses Ruraara obtained a Bachelors of Environmental Science degree in 2012, has quit three jobs in two years and watched the company he founded collapse twice. He told his story of vision, courage a.....

The difference Between The Possible and The Impossible

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"The Difference Between the Impossible and the Possible lies in a man's determination"- Tommy Lasorda.....

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My business mentor used to say to me, “Herbert, business is a game of patience.” Eighty percent of business success is down to patience and persistence, but then, if you are not patient you can’t persist.

 As a company we have gotten where we are because of patience. We spent the first six months of start up without getting a single client. If i told my teammates back then that one day we will be working on a $10m consultancy project they wouldn't believe me. If i told them we would get strategic partnerships with big multinational businesses they would think i am crazy. To be honest with you, 75% of our growth to date has come in the last 7 months. The years before that were about survival and stabilizing what we had. But boom! We are now in full gear of growth.

My aunt gave birth to her only child at 52 just when we all thought it would never happen. She didn't give up trying and finally her patience and persistence paid off. Life is strange in its own ways. My wife likes to say that ‘time is fact’. Time always pays people with all fairness. It rewards those who are loyal to it, those who are willing to wait for it.

I have seen very many people start up businesses and want them to flourish over night. They don’t know that it doesn't work that way. So what do they do!!? They throw in the towel, they give up! Personally, the realities of life have taught me that nothing happens right away. It takes nine months to have a baby.  It takes at least four months to harvest most of the foods we plant. And it therefore takes at least fifteen years to build a successful business/company. The first five years are usually for setting up, reaching out to the market and structuring. The next five are for getting noticed, appreciated and accepted by the market, and the other five for taking over, dominating the market and growing beyond imaginable heights. First you start, you get noticed, then you start being taken seriously, and finally you start making real money. Literally like they say; you come, see and then conquer! That's the process of winning over the market and building a revolutionary business.

So if patience isn't one of your strong virtues, don't consider going into business. If you want quick gratification, try out something else but not business. This is because at the end of the day, no matter what you do or what you want you will have to wait to make impact (fifteen years). You’ll have to wait (underline the word WAIT) for success to happen to you. In whatever you do, never forget that good things come to those who wait.


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