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Making Mistakes

personTony Robbins access_time7 months ago

A motivational quote about not trying. .....

The Story of Moses Ruraara

personAlex Taremwa. access_time7 months ago

Moses Ruraara obtained a Bachelors of Environmental Science degree in 2012, has quit three jobs in two years and watched the company he founded collapse twice. He told his story of vision, courage a.....

How I Started My Business, You Too Can Do It!

personAdmin access_time7 months ago

When I started out on my business path, life wasn't easy. It's no at least what I expected I must admit. So what did I expect you should be asking yourself. Yeah I was going to be my own boss, I wa.....

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Salary earners

person 6 months ago chat_bubble_outline0 comments    234   Share:         

For the salary earners, next week is your salary paying week. As you collect your salary, I want you to ponder over this;

 When you get your salary, you eat chicken. As the salary reduces you eat products of Chicken (eggs). Subsequently you begin to eat chicken's food (maize and millet), and finally, when the salary is finished, you become chicken itself, hahaha….. In other words you spend your time walking around just looking for what to eat.  Damn it!

Salary alone cannot solve all your problems. It can’t take care of all your needs. So what should you do?


A wise investment will provide opportunities for one to always eat chicken whenever he or she pleases!


Think of INVESTMENT because you won't be young forever.


Think of INSURANCE because you won't be strong forever.


Think of ENTREPRENEURSHIP because you won't be employed forever!

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